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New member :)

Hey all! I've been a member of this community for a couple of days but I'm only now posting my introduction. :)

You may know me as LiquidGlass on such places like the Hamm Twins message board from, or on my own website, I've been a fan of Paul and Morgan since the 2004 Olympics, so I'm pretty new.

So, I guess that's it! I'll definitely be hanging around here and posting whenever I can. :)
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LiquidGlass....hey..i've seen you around:)...i've only been on the hammtwins message board a few times though...

welcome:)...are you only on hamm_bros LJ? don't forget the Paul Hamm LJ too...many...maybe most of us are on there (we talk about morgan a lot on there too...PHLJ is kinda just like a second HBLJ...hehe)
Hi! I'm on the Paul LJ too... I can't remember if I'm on a Morgan one (if I'm not I'll be sure to join one lol).